Artistic and Crazy... me in a nutshell.

6 July 1986
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Updated (As of the start of 2009)!

Summing myself up in a couple of sentences... I'm a single mum, I'm studying Chinese (Mandarin) at uni (Griffith, through OpenUni). I'm due to attend a few new seamstressing/fashion design courses at TAFE soon, which should be fantastic.

I draw, paint, take photographs, sew, digitally edit pictures/photographs, sew some more, design fashion/costumes, spend far too much time online, practice chinese with native speakers on Skype, take care of my daughter, and... repeat, haha.

I admire... Gackt (far too much, according to the friends who hear me talk about him all the time), h.NAOTO, and a number of other people who I can't think of right now. I hope one day to carry the same conviction in my own strengths as they do. That, and Gackt's damn gorgeous.